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News Our paper "Automatic Assistance for Academic Word Usage"
is accepted in COLING 2020

What is FormalWriter?

FormalWriter is the new generation of intelligent automatic paraphrase systems. This system is a natural text generator and it is built on a neural language model

FormalWriter is not a grammar checker! Why not Grammarly?

What is informal word substitution?
It is difficult for non-native speakers of English or even some native speakers to find informal words in the text. FormalWriter automatically suggests semantically similar academic and formal words for the informal words in your writing.

Context-based Learning
FormalWriter Bot is sensitive to the context. Therefore, if you change a few words in your text, you will receive new suggestions based on the new context.

Best Practice
The application is developed to help in academic writing. So the users are expected to be students and teachers to check the formality of an assignment, paper, abstract, proposal and so on. Please try your own writing!

Real Examples from Native Writers!

Informal Word Substitution

This option finds the informal words in your writing and it will suggest formal and academic words. The words are ranked based on meaning and the context.


Every time I wondered if we would ever get through this, she told me we would.

Every time I wondered if we would ever get through survive this, she told me we would.

For informal vocabulary substitution, type/paste a short English text. (Maximum 400 words)

If you found this application useful and you need to process a long text, or in case of questions, please send me an email tarjomeh@gmail.com

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The application is developed with a grant from City University of Hong Kong.
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