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Automatic Paraphrase

How does FormalWriter paraphrase automatically?

FormalWriter uses AI to help you revise the academic words in your writing based on the context.

What is this feature?
This feature takes a longer time. Please be patient. It first formalizes your text and then generates words to be replaced for the whole text. Two options are available:

  • Custom (Higher Quality)
  • You can select the words in each step and customize the new text.
  • Auto (Lower Quality)
  • With this option a new text is generated automatically and the quality may be somewhat lower.

Plagiarism Warning!
This feature generates a new text from your input. Please respect the copyright laws in your country or region. We do not accept any responsibility for your usage of this website and application.

Informal Word Substitution

This option finds the informal words in your writing and it will suggest formal and academic words. The words are ranked based on meaning and the context.


Every time I wondered if we would ever get through this , she told me we would .

Every time I wondered if we would ever get through survive this , she told me we would .

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